2017 to 2019 Funding Priorities

The North Dakota State Water Commission’s budget for the 2017-2019 biennium was approved for up to $30 million slated for the RRVWSP.  Of the $30 million grant, $17 million will be directed towards planning and permitting, while the remaining $13 million is to initiate construction.

The funding priorities for 2017 to 2019 are to exercise existing easement options that will otherwise expire, wrap up the preliminary design of the pipeline, acquire the remaining easement options, complete the final design of the pipeline for construction, complete the final design for the intake and discharge structures, and start construction to ensure coverage under current regulations and permitting.
  1. Pipeline Alignment and Easement Certainty: 
    Complete preliminary engineering to the extent that there is regulatory and land owner certainty of the pipeline alignment and certainty for the easements that will be required. This requires field delineation of environmental features along the entire alignment, receiving appropriate determinations from permitting agencies that the pipeline alignment protects those environmental features and concurrence with the land owners on the alignment.   
  2. Convert Existing Easement Options to Permanent Easements: 
    Easement options were obtained in 2009/2010 and extended in 2015.  The easement options will need to be converted to easements in 2019. The cost of converting the easement options to actual permanent easements is estimated to be $4m.
  3. Final User Commitments: 
    Obtain final user commitments for the project.  
  4. Discharge Location Certainty:
    Submit for and obtain the major environmental permits for the discharge structures. Obtaining the permits will also provide for protection against future regulatory changes. (Note that intake location certainty will be determined during the current biennium).
  5. Permit level designs will be submitted to appropriate regulatory agencies with the expectation that permits can be received for the intake and discharge structures.
  6. Acquire Remaining Easements for the Pipeline.   
  7. Complete final design of strategic section of pipeline to be construction shovel ready.
  8. Complete final design of Missouri River Intake and Discharge Structure.
  9. Start construction to ensure coverage under current regulations and permitting (i.e., anticipating Waters of the United States (WOTUS) and other changes).